"We are relationship investors empowering management teams to pursue innovation and growth."


About The Inkwell Group

ased in Cleveland, OH and Washington D.C., The Inkwell Group is a growth and operations oriented private equity firm. We focus on control investments in innovative lower middle-market manufacturing and service companies. We bring experience and resources to help companies accelerate their growth.

Our firm was purpose-built with a vision to build upon the story of our companies by creating a vibrant culture that cultivates innovation and ignites significant growth. We accomplish this by partnering with management teams to enhance their executive and boardroom leadership with diverse talent, while maintaining focus on the personal, professional and economic aspirations of all stakeholders in a transaction.

We are relationship investors with backgrounds in operations and finance. Our investments begin with our focus on people as we seek to empower, develop and mobilize our management teams and companies to make an impact.


Our Values

We founded The Inkwell Group with the belief that there is a different, yet compelling, way for an investment firm to create value. Combining operational expertise with a commitment to balanced leadership through diverse perspectives means we think differently. Developing exceptional partnerships through shared interest, transparency and the utmost integrity means we operate differently.

We believe our mission defines our existence and our values sustain our success.



We maintain high ethical standards both professionally and in our personal lives



Authenticity is fostered through transparency; helping create strong relationships with our stakeholders



Effort and dedication to what we say we’ll do is the foundation for our success



Diverse perspectives are essential to company growth and development


Why Inkwell

Experienced Relationship Investors

Inkwell’s founders possess over a decade of private equity, strategic advisory and operational experience. Collectively, the team has completed or advised 20+ acquisitions and divestitures totaling $3.0B+ of transaction value in their careers. We build active, cohesive relationships with founders/ owners and management.

Empower and Enhance Management Teams

Inkwell brings an inspiring network of operating partners to assist our companies. We provide real-time actionable insight and high quality resources for business expansion. Our partnership approach empowers management to thoughtfully pursue innovation and reach the next level of growth.

Transparent, Professional and Efficient Processes

Inkwell provides speed and certainty of close in a transaction as we bring seasoned deal execution and proven leadership experience to the lower middle-market. We value management’s time and customize our diligence process to ensure shared understanding throughout all phases of the transaction.

Our People, Reputation, & Culture

Leading with integrity is core to our foundation. Investing in our people and the communities they serve is paramount. These actions help create a culture full of entrepreneurial spirit, trust and a global perspective throughout our company.


Our Approach

Our STRENGTH is investing. Our FOCUS is small business. Our PASSION is building highly successful management teams. 
As a result we champion value creation through our proven approach:


We empower our management teams to pursue boundless innovation in our companies. Through collaborative thinking we establish a clear vision for achieving creative breakthroughs that capture untapped value. We believe empowered leaders inspire teams and promote the continued success and story of our companies.


We are constantly developing our companies and management teams for generational sustainability. Our focus on skill acquisition and continuing industry education provides the right environment for advancing talent and opportunity.


We believe that preparing and organizing our companies to actively engage with the communities they serve is socially responsible, promotes brand awareness, helps to drive increased profitability and assists in our efforts to recruit and retain talent for our companies.